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I created this page to share my passion for cooking and eating. 

Most 20-something urbanites dismiss cooking as an obsolete chore when there are so many great restaurants readily available.  Cooking is viewed as laborious, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous, just to end up with a meal that may or may not be satisfying.  I can relate.  I recall many failures in my kitchen. 

However, all the recipes posted here have been personally tested by me in my typical entry-level job yuppy kitchen with mediocre quality cooking utensils from places like Target.  A successful recipe for me can be a delicious dinner made in any other kitchen.  They’re not fancy recipes that call for ingredients from the gourmet market (and if they do, I will usually list a substitute ingredient you can purchase from your local Piggly Wiggly).  I also include shortcuts wherever possible (like asking your seafood counter guy to de-skin your salmon).

Don’t be afraid of your kitchen!  Dinner parties can be so much more personal and intimate than going out to eat with friends. 

I also pair some meals with wines.  I’m definitely no sommelier so these are just fanciful suggestions that I feel appropriate.  Wines can complement the flavors of a meal and ease up unaquainted friends around the dinner table.  But I warn you, I’m no expert!

A note about health-related concerns: I’m not a super picky healthnut, but I substitute with lower fat ingredients when it doesn’t compromise the taste of the finished product.  I also prefer fresh ingredients when it’s not too inconvenient.

A note about portion sizes: I find most portion sizes on recipes ridiculously small (and those in restaurants the opposite).  Portion sizes specified on this page are somewhere in between, enough to satisfy most 20-somethings after a long day of work without stuffing them so full to the point of nausea.

This page also contains restaurant reviews.  Most are from the Dallas-Fort Worth area (since I live here) but occasionally there will be posts from my travels.  As much as I love cooking, I enjoy a good (and especially adventurous) meal out, too!

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