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About Donna

When not properly fed, I get hangry (so hungry that I’m angry).

I’m a typical college graduate cube farm resident living on the border of suburban white picket fences and downtown excitement.  I’m doing all the typical things of a 20-something: discovering a new city, going to one too many happy hours, making new friends, visiting old friends and entertaining those who visit me, attempting continual education, figuring out things like 401Ks and IRAs for the first time.  I work out so I can eat more.

I’ve always been obsessed with food.  My dad is a wonderful cook so I was never deprived as a child.  He was the kind of person that could go to a restaurant, taste something, and duplicate it back home (or something close to it).  In fact, I never even cooked until I was in college (with the exception of scrambled eggs, I could make scrambled eggs, sort of).

All that had to change when I moved into my first apartment.  I was excited to have a full-fledged kitchen after two years of living in the dorms and wanted to entertain my friends with dinner parties the way my parents did.  But I didn’t want to feed them Hamburger Helper and Easy Mac.  So I started cooking, and I liked it almost as much as eating!

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