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Lorina Lemonade, My Latest Beverage Obsession
February 20, 2007, 12:48 am
Filed under: 15-Second Rave


I tried Lorina Lemonade (the French Berry flavor) for the first time as a result of an impulse purchase at Central Market.  This stuff is awesome.  It’s not overly tart or sugary like most lemonades, and doesn’t have that almost bitter artificial lemon taste (a la Minute Maid).  It’s lightly flavored, fizzy, and really refreshing.  Plus I love the look of the 11.5 oz glass bottle, makes for a great single bud vase.  I can’t wait to serve these at a summertime cookout/pool party.


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Lorina really does taste great. My kids love it. If you’re a tiny bit curious you’ll find out that Lorina stands for Lorraine in France.
Isn’t it the place where the Quiche Lorraine was first invented? Yummy!

Read more about Lorraine and its food industry.

Comment by Muriel

Sorry, my html code was probably lousy.
Here’s the link for Lorraine and its food industry :,1.html

Comment by Muriel (again)

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