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New Favorite: Jasmine Thai
February 3, 2007, 11:20 pm
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There are lot of Thai restaurants in Dallas.  If you add up the sushi restaurants and Thai places, I think they would outnumber fast food joints, at least in north Dallas and some of the northern suburbs.  I’ve had decent to good Thai food at a lot of these restaurants, but none that stood out enough to warrant a second visit.  I usually just move on and try the next Thai place since there are so many of them.  But this past Thursday night, I think I may have found a favorite for Thai that I will definitely be revisiting.

I first heard about Jasmine Thai through a post on Chowhound (surprise, surprise).  The perfect opportunity to try out Jasmine Thai came when a Toastmasters training session was scheduled at Spring Creek and Custer, right across the street from the shopping center where Jasmine Thai is situated (coincidentally, also the home of Noka, the most expensive chocolate in the world, whose scam of a business was recently exposed on

The restaurant was empty at 9:00pm on this Thursday night (they close at 10:00).  The small seating area was decorated in earth tones with all sorts of Thai accents (wood carvings, screens, even the tables and chairs).  We ordered right away as not to prolong our stay and keep the employees there longer than necessary.  We decided on one standard Thai dish, the basil chicken, and one more exciting specialty, the bataba.

Basil chicken:


Freshness, that’s what made this basil chicken stand out from all the other basil chicken dishes in town.  Tender slices of chicken with strips of bamboo shoots, baby corn, mushrooms, onion, and lots of fresh basil leaves all in a sweet but very spicy brown sauce.  This is possibly the best basil chicken I’ve had anywhere.  But the more exiciting dish of the night was definitely the bataba.



The bataba is like a Thai gyro, fluffy flakey crepe-ish wrap (similar to the texture of a Chinese green onion pancake) with marinated chicken, onions, carrots, and bell pepper in a mild curry-like sauce inside.  I had never had anything like this at a Thai restaurant before, but I certainly enjoyed it. 

We were only able to stay for a short time since we arrived so late, but I know I will be back to try Jasmine Thai again with such exceptional dishes on my first visit.  Service was also incredibly friendly seeing as how we were the jerks who came late on a weekday evening.  Even though Jasmine Thai is rather far north, I really think it’s worth the drive from just about anywhere near Dallas.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Jasmine Thai
2050 W. Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, TX 75023


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Glad you enjoyed it! Just so you know, they have a Thai-language menu there that has little overlap with the English menu. Assuming there’s not a crowd there, the waitresses are usually happy to walk through it with you and explain the options. Don’t take too seriously their concerns about whether a dish might be “too authentic” for you. So far, everything I’ve had off the Thai menu has been good to great.

Be sure to try the Thai herbal chicken appetizer, next time you visit. Whenever I order carry-out, there’s usually little left of that by the time I get home.


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