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Salami and Meatballs at Tony’s
September 4, 2006, 1:48 am
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Arlington’s got the typical suburban food problem, it’s all chains.  We were headed that direction for a Rangers baseball game and there had been a recent discussion on Chowhound about the best pizza in Arlington and Tony’s Pizza Subs & Pasta got a mention.  So we decided to give this place a try.

Tony’s is located in a strip mall, the kind you see more of in Arlington than in the northern Dallas suburbs, the kind with a laundromat and maybe a pawn shop.  Tony’s appears to have expanded into its old neighbor’s space since there were two signs equal in size outside the eatery next to each other, thank goodness there was just one entrance to cut down on the confusion.  Upon entering, Tony’s has a line for the carryout orders and a seat yourself policy for dine-in.  It wasn’t much of a crowd at noon on a Saturday, and we sat ourselves at a table with cafeteria type chairs, vinyl tablecloth, and a view of the American Open on TV.


The menu was expansive, offering many pasta, pizza, and sub options (I guess the name of the restaurant doesn’t lie).  Prices for weekday lunch hours were $2 to $3 lower than prices for weekend lunch/all dinner hours, which struck me as odd as nothing on the menu indicated any difference in the amount/type of food you would receive with the price difference.  Onto the food!  Tried among the three of us were the Meatball Parmesiano Sub ($6), the Salami Sub ($6), and the Chicken Marsala ($11).

Meatball Parmesiano:


There’s something about getting a sandwich whose filling doesn’t actually fill up the sandwich that is disappointing.  It’s not that I need any more than 4 meatballs to fill up (in fact, I didn’t even finish my sandwich), it’s just the disproportionate ratio of baguette length to meatball diameter times number of meatballs (maybe it’s the engineer in me being too much of a perfectionist).  Other than that, the meatball sub was above average, decently seasoned meatballs with an above average marinara sauce on a lightly toasted baguette.  Still, I definitely like Pastazio’s version better.

Salami Sub:


The upsides to this sub were the bountiful fresh toppings and the side of marinara sauce that was a bit tangy.  The downside?  Similar complaint as the meatball sub: I only get 6 slices of salami?  Again, it’s not that one needs more than 6 slices of salami, the ratio just seems all wrong for a footlong sub. 

Chicken Marsala:


I didn’t taste this dish so I can’t comment on that aspect (the friend who did used to work at Buca Di Beppo and gave this dish an average rating at best).  But here’s my beef with the chicken marsala: it looks like it had been turned out by some cafeteria ladies moving you along the lunch line.  Even considering the fact that it came with a house salad, an $11 lunch entree should not look like cafeteria food.

Service was just decent, our water glasses never needed refills as they were giant glasses to begin with.  I can’t remember the waiter checking in on us any time between bring us the food and the check.  We had to wait a bit to get our check when we were done eating (a bit of an annoyance since we were trying to make it on time for the Rangers game).  But since it is an extremely casual eatery, I can understand the “just the basics” service routine.

Perhaps I should’ve stuck with pizza since that’s what got this place on my map (but there were just so many options on the menu!)  Tony’s didn’t impress in any way to warrant a revisit unless I was in Arlington for a weekday lunch (in which case each item we ordered would’ve been anywhere from $2 to $3 less).  I will probably get pizza if that happens.

Rating: 2 / 5

Tony’s Pizza Pasta & Subs
1121 W Arkansas Ln
Arlington, TX 76013


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